Welcome to Go Mylo Hosting

Whether you want to host a blog (e.g. WordPress Hosting), launch a small business site, deploy a content management system (e.g. Joomla Hosting) or setup your own discussion forum (e.g. phpBB hosting), you can be assured that Go Mylo Hosting has a plan that will meet your needs. You can host with us in knowledge that your site will have the performance you expect.

  • Fast Joomla, Drupal or WordPress hosting
  • Small business sites
  • Non-profit and charity sites
  • Personal homepages and blogs

Performance Optimized Platform

Joomla! Host Provider As a reseller of the official hosting provider for Joomla, Go Mylo Hosting is a trusted Joomla hosting option available for any and all Joomla-powered websites. Our performance-tuned and purpose-built platform is seamlessly secured for websites who require specialized Joomla Hosting.
Drupal Host Provider As with our Joomla Hosting platform, all of our servers are performance-tuned and seamlessly secured for websites who require specialized Drupal Hosting.
Wordpress Host Provider Go Mylo masterfully hosts WordPress-run sites right out of the box without any configuration hassles or permission-related problems. All of our WordPress Hosting plans are just as performance-tuned and seamlessly secured for WordPress sites as all our other CMS Hosting options.