For many webmasters, backups are often an after thought, and for a lot of hosts, data protection is not seen as part of the core service offering. Here at Go Mylo, backups are one of the single most important services we offer along with solid performance and no nonsense technical support.

With our Go Mylo Vault backup and recovery platform your hosting account will be backed up multiple times per day to an off-server location and give you the ability to restore your account or individual files to points in time over the past 30 days.

Go Mylo Vault Unique Features:

  • Multiple daily off-server backups are taken of all your data including site files, email messages and MySQL databases.
  • Restore individual files or an entire hosting account to points in time over for the past 30 days. You can even restore one file from yesterday and another from 14 days ago.
  • The backup process is fully managed by Go Mylo and runs automatically.
  • Go Mylo Vault runs alongside more traditional backup systems including Network Attached Storage (NAS) off-site backups and disk-to-disk backups providing multiple layers of protection.
  • The storage appliances that power Go Mylo Vault's back-end storage use fault tolerant RAID10 arrays with hot-spare disks.
  • Data transferred between front-end web servers and back-end Go Mylo Vault storage is encrypted and copied securely over Go Mylo's dedicated private network. Data is not passed over the internet.
  • There are no additional costs for the Go Mylo Vault service.
  • Go Mylo Vault provides the ideal fallback solution should you run into problems with a Joomla upgrade, mistakenly delete a WordPress file or experience a security problem with a script install.
  • Go Mylo Vault provides a disk imaging system for fast restores in a disaster recovery situation by allowing us to re-image a server without the need to first install the Operating System (OS).
  • The bandwidth consumed to backup your data off-server to Go Mylo Vault does not count towards your account quota.
  • Customer can also capture their own account backups with "one-click" through their hosting control panel for offline storage.